First night in Hong Kong

We flew from San Francisco to Hong Kong and the estimated in-flight time was 13 and a half hours; but with a typhoon quickly descending on Hong Kong, the flights was a quick 12 hours.  Quick meaning drowse-inducing gravol and random cat naps. Luckily we had a 2 seat row near the back of the plane so didn’t have to sit right next to any strangers for that entire time!

We landed in Hong Kong and after customs and grabbing our backpacks, we were greeted by our friend Shaun.  His fiance and I went to University together and she couldn’t be part of the welcome wagon as she was taking mandarin lessons to help all of us as we headed into Mainland China.

We felt surprisingly not-too tired, so went for food at a nearby mall.  The thing with Hong Kong is that there are malls all over the place, and at first we felt disappointed thinking Why would we come all the way to Asia to go to malls? But the malls have air conditioning which is quite refreshing in the hot August heat, and the restaurants within have great food and are nice and clean. Our first meal was fried rice for Ewan and Malaysian chicken curry for me.

After dinner we wandered Viv and Shaun’s neighbourhood to see where they’d been living for the past year while Shaun did his Masters and also to push back our personal clocks to get acclimatized to the time there.  We ended back at their cute, but certainly postage-stamp sized apartment (standard in Hong Kong!), to have a bit of a chat with Viv and then crash!

With Shaun – Dropped off our stuff and are tired but ready to eat!


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