Hong Kong Day 2: Victoria Peak and Lama Island

Our first full day in Hong Kong had Ewan and I heading off on our on in the morning to check out the Peak and parts of Hong Kong Island while Shaun and Viv went to the wedding Thomas and Amber, their good friends they made whilst staying in Asia.

We took the trolley up the Peak and had our first experience of ‘line-ups mean nothing in Asia; you have to push your way on’ so we ended up standing the entire trolley ride, but it was fine since it wasn’t that long.

The views from the Peak were phenomenal – Hong Kong’s skyline is incredible with huge skyscrapers. The sky was interesting as well as there was a bit of typhoonish weather on the go.

Incredible skyline

Ewan squinting

After the trolley up we took a bus down based on Viv’s recommendation to see the other side of the city. The transit there is typically double decker buses on incredibly skinny roads. We had a front row seat on the upper floor and many times I just cringed and closed my eyes..worried we’d smash into low hanging trees or oncoming vehicles!

Famished from that escapade, we wandered downtown until we found a place serving dim sum and treated ourselves to a nice meal!

Mid-chew dim sum shot

Vivianne, being the planner that she is, had given us a cellphone so that she could reach us when the wedding festivities were over.  Timing was perfect, and once we were done eating, we met up with Viv who accompanied us on the ferry over to Lama Island.  We went to have a BBQ on the beach as part of the celebrations for Amber and Thomas’s wedding.

Lama Island is unlike Hong Kong and there are hardly any vehicles and so its small and remote but beautiful…but not without it’s portion of crazy spiders!

Lush Island with the 3 smokestacks

At the beach

At the beach

International wedding reception/BBQ

It was great to meet Thomas and Amber, especially as they’ll be moving to Kamloops or Kelowna this October (Amber is a fellow Canadian hailing from Ottawa) so we were able to share our thoughts on those cities.  It was also great to meet their other friends, hailing from all over and working in various jobs in Hong Kong.

It was a nice and relaxed start to our stay in Asia!



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