Dragon’s Back and a Family Meal

Viv is a big fan of hiking and had done several on her own or with her cousin since living in Hong Kong.  She led the way for us to do a hike on Dragon’s Back – a nice hike with a great view.  The thing with this hike is that it was incredibly hot and humid so it made things a lot more challenging (and sweaty) than it might normally be.

Incredibly hot and we’d only just begun!

Enjoying the view

From one of the ridges of the ‘dragon’s back’ we caught a view of a little town and a beach.  After the hike we caught a bus to the town to enjoy the sun, sand and water.

View of the beach we went to after the hike

I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring my bathing suit since I knew we were going to end at a beach, but I didn’t. And there was no way in hell I was just going to sit on the beach and not get refreshed.  So, I had to shell out for a bikini.  Of course there were tons of shops selling suits and for relatively cheap. Viv took me to a shop where she had purchased some cheap shorts previously so I chose a bunch of bathing suits to try on. Only one out of 5 fit me (they were all 5 sizes too big!! I guess it makes sense that all the small ones were picked over because there was nary an obese woman in Hong Kong!) a little aqua number with hot orange butterfly silhouettes all over it…I doubt I will ever wear it again…

At the beach reflecting on my bathing suit purchase

The water at the beach was really nice and Ewan, Viv and I swam around for a good half hour.  It was a nice way to cool down after our big hike.

That night we had a big treat; Viv’s grandparents wanted to meet Ewan and I are so invited all of us over for dinner.  They live in an apartment relatively close to Shaun and Vivianne’s pad and the main room was taken over with their table that they pulled out in order to seat all of us.  They made a huge spread for us, shrimp that you have to peel (watch out for exploding eyeballs!), pork, beef, chicken, veggies…it was so delicious!

And her grandparents are so cute.  They’re quite little and while Viv’s grandpa is stoic and quiet, her grandma is quite feisty and talkative. While they only speak Cantonese, Viv’s grandma did know a couple English words…the cutest was when she was giggling behind her rice bowl that she was holding up to her face and saying that I was ‘Be-you-tee-ful’. It was really endearing (especially because I was a mess still from the day’s activities!).  I think this evening with them was the highlight for me in Hong Kong; it is so amazing to eat with the locals and have a typical home-cooked meal with them. Plus those grandparents are pretty adorable, so they definitely get cuteness points!

Height differential


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