A Day with the Big Buddha

Before we even left for Hong Kong, we knew we had to see the Big Buddha.  A must for me was to also take the nearly half hour gondola ride there.  Lucky for us, Vivianne booked tickets for us in advance which saved us at least a half hour in line (though we still waited a good while).  We didn’t opt into the more expensive ‘crystal bottom’ cabins since we figured we’d be looking out and not down during the trip – this was a decision we were happy we made.

The entire gondola ride covered stunning views, but the most impressive was when the Big Buddha came into view from a distance.

First glimpse of Mr Big

Mr Big from a distance

At the end of the gondola, you had to walk through a smattering of shops to get to the Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery.  The monastery is beautiful, with rich vibrant reds and oranges, and the thick smell of incense.

My secret move to reach enlightenment

No comment

No comment

The “World’s Largest Seated Bronze Buddha” itself, at 26 metres tall, was impressive from every angle.

Tian Tan

Three of ‘the Offering of the Six Devas’

We took a bus back down Lantau Island and transit to Hong Kong’s night market.  It was crawling with humans.  After a small amount of bargaining in the market itself for some souvenirs, we hit some local food stands for delicious curry fish balls, a bowl of tripe and beef and egg pancakes.

Busy street (and peep that goatee!)

The market


The happy Buddha


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