Wow Macau

We planned a day trip to Macau merely to see the spectacle that it is.  We’ve went to Las Vegas 5 years ago and were surprised how much we liked it.  I think it was mostly the people watching that we enjoyed the most, but the kitschy themed hotels, the penny slots, the drinks, Elvis….it is just a great adult theme park.  Since we aren’t gamblers, we just wanted to check out Macau and see what an Asian Vegas is like.

We took a highspeed ferry bright and early which took about an hour.

The ferry to Macau

When we landed in Macau we took a shuttle bus to the Grand Lisboa.  I think of all the hotels in Macau, this is my favourite because it looks ridiculous.

The Grand Lisboa – interesting architecture!

After wandering inside the casino and having milk tea (they provide an endless supply of free milk tea and coffee) we left to wander nearby to St. Paolo’s church.  The road leading up to the church remains was filled with shops selling Macau cookies and also beef jerky.

Beef jerky samples

The church

Since it was scorching hot we decided to head back indoors.  Our ferry ticket also included tickets up Macau Tower, so we hitched a cab ride there.  I find going up towers to be the best when the cityscape view is interesting.  Macau is essentially divided up into two areas, so its not as easy to stumble around and ‘hotel hop’, although there are hotel-hotel shuttle buses.  The view from the tower showed the sprawling city and gave a neat view of the hotels from afar.

The view…you can see the Grand Lisboa and also the Wynn which looks the same as in Vegas

While up top you can participate in activities like the Skywalk (being harnessed and then wandering around the top of the tower) or bungee jumping.  While up there we caught a few people making grand leaps!

Flying leap

We then headed to the Galaxy hotel which, in my opinion,  was the *cough* tackiest of the hotels. It had some crazy crystals near one of the entrances and a little light show to go along with it. As we made our way to a cafeteria (a meal also included as part of our ferry tickets!) we came across two ‘life size robots’ which were actually young women making robotic movements and hardly blinking (kinda creepy – but I couldn’t look away!).

The magical crystals

The robots

We hopped to one last hotel, the Venetian, to have some delicious egg tarts from Lord Stows Bakery, watch folks take gondola rides and kill some time before our ferry back to Hong Kong (we were pooped!). Overall it was a neat experience and I am happy we went, but I have the feeling that unless someone offers me a completely free trip to Macau, I won’t be heading there again anytime soon.

Optical illusion floor


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