Enjoying the last bits of Hong Kong

Our final full day in Hong Kong was pretty packed as we aimed to digest as much as possible before leaving for Mainland China.  Viv and Shaun had various errands to take care of that day, so Ewan and I headed out to Hong Kong Park which was highly recommended by several people.  It is a lovely lush park in the middle of Hong Kong Island, made even more incredible with massive skyscrapers peeking into the park.

Crazy lily pads

Tetris-style buildings overlooking the park



From the park we wandered to Man Mo Temple, an old beautiful temple on Hong Kong island.  We wandered through the thick clouds of incense burning in the temple.

Afterwards we met up with Shaun and Viv at a Shanghainese restaurant Viv had been talking up all week. We were willing to try but also a bit worried as Shaun said he hated it.  Well, looks like Shaun was the odd man out, it was absolutely delicious and we stuffed ourselves!!

Being our last night, we decided to stay up and go for karaoke.  We found a place near the restaurant and had our own room. We snuck in beer to ease the singing. Only Ewan, Viv and I sang as Shaun claims to never sing, though we all tried to pry even one word or note out of him!

Sing dammit!

Viv singing in Cantonese

Ewan rapping up a storm

We had to cut the singing short due to our flight to Xi’an the following day so headed home which was also an adventure.  We found a poor turtle on the sidewalk path so Shaun and Viv rescued him by taking him back to the pond to be with his pals.

Turtle Rescue!


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