Wrapping up in Xi’an

Because we had late night flights to Beijing, we had nearly a full day to explore Xi’an. Vivianne’s mom had met a young woman from Xi’an so we met up with her (Ruth) and her boyfriend (Xiao Qiang) who would show us around the Big Goose Pagoda and have lunch with us before heading to work.

The pagoda was impressive but I think my favourite was the 30 minute water show near the temple area. An impressive water fountain show choreographed to several different songs stopped our group for the entire show! I am now convinced that water shows such as this can be almost as impressive as fireworks. almost.

Big Goose Pagoda

The park

The waterworks!

After exploring, we had all worked up an appetite, so Ruth led us to a restaurant she recommended.  It could have been the best meal of the trip, but unfortunately as I grabbed a bunch of veggies a big juicy grub (not alive but still gross) dropped from my pickings onto my plate…stunned, disgusted and wanting to be discreet I continued the motion of my arm with the serving of veggies and dropped it onto Ewan’s plate for him to enjoy.  After the meal I confessed what I had found and while everyone else was thankful I hadn’t spoiled lunch by pointing out the grub, Ewan was a little less enthusiastic that he ate the veggies which hosted the little guy.

The lunchtime crew

From there we parted ways with our hosts and made our way to the south end of the City Wall to go up and enjoy it.  We climbed up and wandered about.  We were even able to catch part of a show at the wall that had drums and warriors.

Xi’an City Wall

The wall

Show at the wall

Had I chosen to wear shorts instead of a skirt that day we would have been able to take bicycles built for two to the north end of the gate.  But as that wasn’t the case we decided then to grab a tuk-tuk (for whatever reason taxis did not want to take us for our entire trip in China!). We got back to our hostel just in time to catch our hired ride to the airport!

Windy ride back to our hostel


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