Peking Duck!

Midway through our stay in Beijing we switched to another hostel that was a bit pricier but a nice treat.  The hostel, Fly by Night, was in a hard to find hutong but central in Beijing (walking distance to Tiananmen Square).  It was relatively small with your choice of dorms or private rooms and best of all they had two cute little puppies that were so adorable that everyone melted around them.  The staff were really friendly and the rooms were impeccably clean with nice soft beds (we opted for private rooms with a washroom).

Viv and a cute puppy

Viv and a cute puppy

After relocating to the hostel, we headed to DaDong, a well known Peking duck restaurant to meet up with Viv and Shaun’s friends Tina and Isaac for a delicious meal.  We’d never had authentic Peking duck before and to have Peking duck IN Peking was pretty special.


After an incredible meal, we made our way to the Temple of Heaven to enjoy the sights and the great people watching!







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