A Day to Explore

Towards the end of our stay in China, we had more free time as we had made sure to hit all the major tourist sites we wanted to see earlier (in case anything came up).  Due to that reason we had a nice day where we headed to Lama Temple.  We timed it perfectly, because after an hour or so wandering about and seeing the entire complex, it started to rain!




With the rain coming down we pulled out our ponchos and decided it was a good time to go get some food.  We’d had many recommendations from friends who had gone to Beijing to check out Ghost Street – a strip with lots of restaurants, so we headed there.  The street was beautiful – covered with lanterns overhead, but as it was mid-afternoon it wasn’t dark and it wasn’t packed.  As such, we were heckled by workers standing at the door of each restaurant.  This made it difficult to check out the menus without feeling self-conscious.  But in the end we chose a place and got a huge meal. The impact of the meal made us all quote lethargic, so we slowly headed back to our hostel’s neighbourhood and hung out along Wangfujin Street once more.

Poncho Party!

Poncho Party!



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