Beihei and Good-bye

Our last day in China was nice and relaxed.  We headed to Beihei Park to and slowly paced ourselves amidst the heat and other tourists.  We had set out late in the day so resolved to get a late lunch but had a hard time finding many places until we came upon an area to the north of Beihei Park that wasn’t covered in our travel books, but which had many little shops and restaurants along the water.

We settled on a lovely rooftop patio for dinner as the sun began to set.  Shaun felt ill so headed back to the hostel, while the three of us decided to make the most of the last night in China by staying out.  As it got dark the restaurants got busier as did the streets, so we chose to bar hop and people watch.  Viv and I even splurged on the latest fad of ‘clip on ears’ we saw all over Beijing.  It was a fantastic ending to a wonderful trip!




View from the rooftop patio

View from the rooftop patio






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