Funky Kingston

In January I had a weekend work trip to Kingston Ontario which enabled us to go out and enjoy the second.  It was my second ever visit there and Ewan’s first.  On my first trip there I fell in love with the city; it’s place in Canada’s history, the beautiful old buildings and the unique and trendy downtown.  Queen’s University is a big part of the city and many people seem to either love or hate Kingston for this reason.  As far as a University city goes, I really like it; the shops along Princess Street, all the unique pubs and the youthful energy despite freezing temperatures!  If I ever decide to go back to University I feel that Kingston would be a top contender (along with Montreal) for where I would like to go.

Our trip allowed us to have a full day wandering the streets, checking out the waterfront and of course going to friend-recommended places for bites to eat.  My favourite was likely the Kingston Brew Pub.  This place had an excellent menu (the ribs were delicious!) and the ambiance had an eclectic charm.   Incidentally, we were at the KBP on Sir John A. Macdonald’s birthday (January 11) and so there were specials on due to his intricate ties with the city.  We also tried out the Toucan for a late lunch which was also tasty, and a lot calmer after the hub bub at the Kingston Brew Pub from the night before.

There was a lot more that we left untouched for another visit to Kingston (John A’s home on Rideau Street, Fort Henry, etc.) but I think we will save that for a trip in the spring or summer when its a bit more pleasant to be wandering around outside!

At Kingston Brew Pub

At Kingston Brew Pub


Yummo ribs!

Yummo ribs!








IMG_8850 IMG_8847

At the Toucan

At the Toucan

Interesting building frontage...

Interesting building frontage…


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