A Day in Wonderland

So often we get caught up in wanting to check out new countries, new cities, new sights, and new sounds that we sometimes forget about what great things are in our own backyard.  We’ve lived in Toronto for four years and tend to do most of our sightseeing when we have guests.  And this trend continued last weekend when we went to Canada’s Wonderland since my parents were out visiting (note: my mom instilled a love of rides, especially roller coasters, in me growing up.  No, it is not odd for 30 year olds to take their parent’s to an amusement park).

I had been once to Wonderland when some good friend’s visited in 2010, but Ewan hadn’t been.  (This is partly because he had to work when we went, but also because he gets sick on airplanes. PLANES! But that’s another story.)

The highlights:

  • Since I’ve last been, the park opened their newest and biggest roller coaster: Leviathan.  This ride is fantastic…it reaches a height of 93.3 meters, only for you to drop at an 80 degree angle.  This drop feels terrifying because your restraint is just a lapbar – there’s no seatbelt or shoulderstraps.
  • The Behemoth is also a lapbar roller coaster with a ridiculously steep drop. It was the ride before the Leviathan (at least in my opinion)
  • The Bat is a short little coaster where you are flipped upside down 3 times facing forward and then you follow the same route backwards.  I like this ride, but it’s a killer…Ewan had to sit out a while, my dad was out for the rest of the day and my mom was a bit wobbly too.
  • While Ewan and my dad were recovering from the bat, my ma and I went on the Shockwave, which was the only non-coaster ride we hit up.  This ride looks more vomit-inducing than it feels, you are swung around with your legs dangling and laughing maniacally at how happy you are…how can it be a bad thing??
  • We also rode Flight Deck and Time Warp which I enjoy for the novelty of the dangling legs and lying down positions (respectively).

There were so many rides we didn’t get the chance to go on, and others we didn’t try due to the weather which I enjoyed in my previous visit (Timberwolf Falls and White Water Canyon), but overall it’s well worth a trip to ‘Vaughan’ where the park is located.



In line waiting for the Leviathon


After the Bat…my dad and Ewan not 100%


Mid-flight on the Behemoth


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