On the Cusp of Something Great

Well this is it. Our admission to the greater universe of something that has been brewing for a while.  We are going to take a break from what we have established to be our regular life, and travel `Round the World`.

This trip is a necessary adventure for us.  We love to travel.  It makes us grow personally and as a couple.  It helps us become aware of the world beyond our border. It allows us to see first-hand the beauty, struggles, poverty; the amazing diversity of our world.  We learn history that we were never taught and could never have fathomed.  We celebrate the significance and successes of mankind, and try to grasp how darker moments in history were ever able to occur.  Travel makes us appreciate how truly lucky we are that we live on this beautiful planet.

This passion has been nagging at us since we concluded that if we saved up, a full year of travel could be a reality and not just a pipe dream or a “If I won the lottery …” kind of thing.  When will this opportunity present itself again?  We are young and able-bodied, and we have no major ties – no property, no dependents (our cat aside). We do have great jobs, and there is a chance that we may not be able to guarantee our positions for when we return.  But that is a risk we are willing to take.  Should I stay at my job and ensure stability and comfort at the expense of my passion? What happens if we put it off and never have the chance to do it?   Based on how strongly we feel about this trip, I can only imagine the regret we would suffer if we didn’t take that leap, step out of our comfort zone, and try for something we deeply wish for.

And so the clock is rolling. We have targeted an early 2014 departure and the planning is currently in the works.  Let the races begin!


Tikal Guatemala 2008


Petra Jordan 2010


Petra Jordan 2010


Abu Dhabi UAE 2009


Grenada Spain 2011


Madrid Spain 2011


Gibraltar UK 2011


Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland 2011


Reykjavik Iceland 2011


Koh Yao Noi Thailand 2006


Giza Egypt 2004


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