Where to Wander

Our approach to planning our year of travels is purposefully more relaxed compared to our usual to-the-minute itineraries.  In the past we’ve found that the 2-3 week vacations we’ve taken can get pretty hectic.  Rushing from one place to another to try to see as much as possible, because when will you get the chance to come back??  One major benefit of taking a full year to travel will be that we get to take it slow.  We know that slow travel will not only be best for our budget, but it will also allow us to more fully delve into the cultures of the places we’ll be visiting.

Our plan has been to each choose a few dream destinations that will help us to loosely plan a route. Big ticket items, like Machu Picchu, that have to be planned in advance will act as marker points for us, but otherwise we’ll be as flexible as possible.

Emily’s picks:

  • India – I can’t remember a time where I haven’t felt mesmerized and intrigued by India.  Yes, I want to hit all those touristy sites (hello Taj Mahal), experience Varanasi’s spirituality, relax in the warmth of Goa, survive the chaos of highway travel, and enjoy the sounds, tastes and smells.  India is huge and I’ve always felt that the typical 3 weeks of vacation wouldn’t be enough to scratch the surface.  Ideally we will do slow travel hitting all the sites to our heart’s content, and of course, being as safe and respectful as possible.
  • Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka recently hit the top of my list of places to go when I learned about Lion Rock (Sigiriya).

Ewan’s picks:

  • South America – Way too much to see and do, but on the list: Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, perhaps Brazil if it’s not overrun by the World Cup by the time we get there.
  • Turkey – Istanbul, Cappadocia… need I say more?

The plan right now is to start our trip by heading south to Mexico and traveling down through Central America.  We intend on stopping for a while to take some Spanish classes, to bring our extremely lacking language skills up to a more functional level.  As of yet we haven’t decided exactly where we want to do this.  We’re open to suggestions and advice on this matter; our only stipulations are reasonable prices and we’d like to go somewhere we’ve yet to see (we’ve been to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Belize on a previous trip).



8 responses to “Where to Wander

  1. I am dying to go to Central or SOuth America for a longer period of time too. I went to Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador, but only for three week trips at a time, which wasn’t really enough to see everything and it left me pretty exhausted. Looking forward to reading about your travels in Central America. Never been there.

  2. Sounds like you’re planning to travel the right way by taking it slow and not over-planning. I’ve been doing the opposite, trying to plan a rtw trip that’s squeezing in far too much. Just chucked the plans out the window in favour of the more relaxed approach like you guys!

    • Hi Charlie – I know…it is so hard not to put a billion things on your list! In the end though, I think this is the way to go to avoid burn out and to really enjoy the trip 🙂

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