Retro Chatham

My job gives me the opportunity to work with volunteers all across Ontario and as such, I have the chance to travel to areas that I honestly would likely never go to otherwise. Last week I had an event in Chatham, a small southern Ontario city between Windsor and London; and due to the meeting time and distance back to Toronto, I ended up staying there. Most business trip accommodations are standard, but in Chatham I stayed at the Retro Suites. Each room at this boutique hotel has a different ‘theme’ (I was in ‘the Midtown’) and, at least from what I saw, it was done tastefully without too much ‘cheese’. I think what I appreciated the most was the comparable room rates to standard accommodations, but you still get complimentary local and long distance calls, popcorn and a hot breakfast. I think if I ever end up back in Chatham, this will be my #1 choice for my stay!

photo (5)

Love the brick!

photo (4)

Midtown art

photo (3)



Hotel restaurant in the morning light


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